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Habitat Design Team is a design studio specializing in architecture and interior design. Simplicity and timelessness are the great values, they appreciate most while designing the living spaces, that’s our own habitat. They aim to reach the perfetion brought about by the meticulousness applied in details. They analyze the needs, philosophy and preferences of the user in the spaces and attach importance to adapting it to the design in a correct and balanced way. 

They adopt a process that goes from the general to the details, where architectural design is blended with environmental design and interior design with industrial product design. They strive to find a response to every detail in practice.

Vitruvius says; Nature is an architect’s greatest example and teacher.  Habitat Design Team values the use of natural materials, low carbon footprint and harmony with the environment where the designed building, place or object is located. They believe in the power of balance and naturalness in design with the use of naural materials in the creation of Human Habitats.

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