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Habitat Design Team is a team of two architects who are in love with their profession, architecture, interior design and designing products. They lose themselves while designing, in the magical dance of materials, colors, geometry and light.They can spend days and nights to create timeless designs. They like to be in charge of their work from the first moment of design to the last moment of application. Aydan Fidancı Bıldırcın, graduated from IZTECH, is an architect and mother of two children.Being simple and natural is her basic principle.She solves the details in her dreams while designing, and she is meticulous at the construction site while making the application. Burçak Aksoy, graduated from DEU, is an architect and yoga teacher. Perfection and harmony is her basic principle. She works with all her strength with her endless energy so that the design can be put into practice. She attaches importance to choosing the right material and respecting the nature.

Habitat Design Team; performs in architecture, interior design, product design and supervision. When they receive their projects, they want to be at the beginning of the application, so it is their greatest passion to ensure that the details they produce are applied exactly.  

These two female architects are honored to embrace their professional practices, arm in arm. They want to be a true example to the new generation and young women, and to be stars shining with their independent and honest work ethic. 

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